Sandhill Cranes, Part 2

Was it only a week ago I was watching cranes at sunrise? Feels longer–intense week!

Anyway, once the first edges of light crept across the lake, we could see the cranes out there:


It’s not often I look at my own pictures and feel the magic of a place, but this shoot is an exception. I look at these pictures, and am transported back to the wonder of these magnificent birds:


I suppose part of the magic was seeing the sunrise. I’ve posted before how much I love watching the light play across the land, shifting its golden glow to peak intensity before full light breaks:


Mostly, though, it was my awe at seeing scenes like this one, right here in Minnesota. It’s so easy to take your own home for granted. To only see faraway lands as exotic. But what I saw last weekend felt like I’d gone all the way to Africa. Yet here it was, in my own backyard. Our own backyards are foreign and exotic to those who don’t live in them, after all. To see where I live with fresh eyes was wonderful.



About Amy Hunter

Amy Hunter is an avid gardener and occasional photographer.
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