About & Copyright


I’m a business analyst in Minneapolis, Minnesota who enjoys artistic endeavors in my spare time.  Nature photography is my favorite, although I occasionally use acrylic paints, colored pencils, and other media to create whatever captures the fancy of my muse. I’ve also done creative writing, and lately I’ve been noodling around with hand drums. Although I suppose that’s a musical pursuit more than an artistic one.

In any case, my tendency to switch between past-times gave rise to the name of this blog: Ambivalent Muse. Mainly because I tend to be quite ambivalent about keeping up with a blog. If you like my work, I strongly suggest using one of the links on the main page to either follow my Facebook page, follow me through WordPress, or set up an RSS feed, so you are notified of new posts. There might be several in a month, when I’m heavy into photography, and then nothing for months at a time as I explore something else…like snowshoeing.

A word about Copyright. Yes, all of the work I put up here is mine. And no, you may not sell it, or copy and post it as your own. You are, of course, welcome (and encouraged!) to link to my site, share Facebook posts, etc.–as long as when you do so, there is proper attribution and people are directed towards one of my sites.

If a picture strikes your fancy, and you want to put a copy on your tablet or computer as wallpaper for your personal enjoyment, go ahead, as long as you don’t strip out my watermark. I intentionally put it in an out of the way place, so you can enjoy my pictures, but will certainly rethink that if I start finding unattributed copies out there.

Thank you for respecting the rights of artists. And thanks for stopping in. I appreciate your interest in my work!


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