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Minnesota Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Joleen and I went to the zoo with her sons (hi all!). I hadn’t been all year, so it was fun to get out and see the critters with some good peeps along … Continue reading

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More Zoo Pictures

Someday I promise I’ll get back to working through the Glacier pictures. For now, though, here are more from last week’s visit to the zoo. I knew something was up as I approached the Pronghorn Antelope exhibit. There were a … Continue reading

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Snow Monkeys!

The Minnesota Zoo has a lot of cold-adapted animals, including snow mokeys. I’m not generally drawn to monkeys. In fact, I was once bitten by a monkey. It was being cared for by a young woman at a field station … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

When I was at the zoo last summer, I spent some time near their birdfeeders. While I was there, a flock of turkeys came through. The observation deck was too high up to get really good full-bird, shots, though. Instead, … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Zoo

I spent the morning at the Minnesota Zoo a week ago, and came back with several shots I liked. I’m glad I went–there were migrating birds coming through, as well as the last of the fall leaves. I’ve been too … Continue reading

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Life is a Zoo

It’s been a crazy week, and the weekend isn’t looking much better. Come to think of it, the next couple of weeks are looking that way. I was thinking I’d put up another round of Glacier pictures, but discovered that … Continue reading

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